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#1 2020-10-06 06:35:49

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Loot Split

The official Kova Co PVP / Ganking loot split procedure is as follows:

This does not apply to PvE dungeons, only PvP loot!

Do not combat loot, wait until the fighting is over before you loot!

-- At the end of an event all loot should be placed in the Loot split tab of the guild island bank.
-- Bidding will take place within the party for the rights to All the loot
-- Bidding will start at half of the estimated market value.
-- The person who wins the bid will become party lead and pay each party member an equal amount of the winning bid.
-- After paying someone, kick them from the party.
-- Once all members have been paid the winning bidder will take all loot!

-- There are 6 people in a group and their loot is below.
-- Bidding starts at 50,000 silver. (Half the market value)
-- Let's say JIM wins the bidding at 50k
-- JIM becomes party leader and would pay the other 5 members 10,000 silver each via a trade.
-- JIM would kick people from the party as he pays them to ensure no double payment.
-- JIM would then take the loot! (and probably sell it for a 2x profit!)


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