Kova Co Production Chain

The Kova Co production chain is a system that helps our members level up their crafting and refining skills and enables us to outfit the entire guild for events. It removes the inefficiencies of the open market by taking advantage of production bonuses and seeks to build up the guild by keeping much of our collected and crafted items in house. If you would like to help the guild with our production pipeline please sign up for the roles you're interested in discord by using the commands listed with the role descriptions below.

Please consider selling resources to the guild at a reduced market rate (60%) at the Fort Sterling Guild Island merchant. We have buy orders up you can fulfill for all basic raw, refined goods and enchantment items (rune/soul/relic) through tier 6. This system may not make you rich, but it's a way to contribute to the guild to help out all of your guildmates and provide gear for events! Participation is always optional but greatly appreciated.

To verify you're selling to the guild, you can open up the buy orders tab when you try to sell an item. You should see a single buy order for 60% current market rate. If you see anything off, please report it to an officer or KPC manager.

Guild Islands

Kova Co has a guild island at each major city on the Royal Continent. On each guild island you will find refining stations (aligning with the city bonus), crafting stations, as well as a house with 3 chests used for our production pipeline.

The center chest is for raw resources and donations, the top chest is for refined resources, and the chest on the right is for finished goods (see image below). You may always deposit in these chests anything you'd like to donate to the guild, thank you for your contribution!

If you're unsure where to put things, just use the center chest and a KPC manager will move it to the right place!

If you are in a role that can use the goods from these chests, you have access to withdraw from the appropriate chest. Please follow the following guidelines (all withdrawals are logged so don't try to be sneaky). 

  • Make sure you're always refining and crafting in the city that get's a bonus. We move goods to these cities to make it easy for you.
  • Focus required for T6 and above (only take what you can refine/craft with focus)
  • Focus not required for T5 and below
  • We recommend you use journals for crafting (though not required), the resources you get back from the journals are yours to do what you please!

Example chest contents - Ft Sterling

Center chest (city bonus/donations)

Top chest (refined resources for crafting)

Right chest (finished products)


There are multiple roles in the production pipeline that we need fulfilled to make the system work. We use these roles to ping you in discord when things are needed for the pipeline. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated. The roles are gatherer, refiner, crafter, and transporter. In addition we have a KPC manager for each Royal Continent city.


You may also choose to donate raw resources by dropping them in the guild island house chest located in the center of the production pipeline house, or put in requests for buy orders in discord (see the #kova-production-chain pinned post).

Sign up as a guild gatherer in discord by typing ?rank gatherer


Even if you are not into crafting, you can help out the guild by refining! It's simple to do, and something to use those focus points on, level up, and benefit the guild. Take raw goods out of the center chest (only what you can use focus for T6+), refine them on the guild island, and then deposit them into the top chest (do not sell these back to our merchant please!).

  • Only refine what has a bonus at the city you are refining at (there will only be one refiner on the island).
  • Fort Sterling = Wood
  • Lymhurst = Fiber
  • Bridgeport = Stone
  • Martlock = Hide
  • Thetford = Iron

If you are wishing to insert your own personally gathered and refined resources into the Kova Co production pipeline, you can sell at 60% market value at Fort Sterling.

Sign up as a guild refiner in discord by typing ?rank refiner


Want to level up your crafting and help the guild out? Join the Kova Co crafters! Crafters may take refined goods out of the top chest, craft them into finished goods and put the final product into the chest located in the right of the production pipeline house. Please only craft items on the Kova Co Crafter Approved Items page.

Sign up as a guild crafter in discord by typing ?rank crafter


Transporters help move goods from one royal city to another. Raw goods are moved to the city where they can be refined with a bonus, finished goods are moved to the cities where they are needed for crafting, and crafted goods are moved to our HQ in Fort Sterling. Transports need a heavy transport mount such as a T8 ox or transport mammoth. Transporters must be approved by an officer.

Sign up as a transporter in discord by typing ?rank transporter